A Tribute to my beloved friend Elemeh Pascaline Fonji

I immediately loved you ‘Pas’, as i fundly call you the first time i saw you on the first day of form two in cetic-bova in 2012 during our secondary school days because of your beautiful smile and brown skin, then getting to know you more i could hardly get over you due to  your modest nature  and free mindedness. I’m still in shock just thinking about the fact that you are no more. There was never a  dull moment with you. your positive vibes have always  been the most interesting thing about you. I wish there was something I could do to bring you back, I am in tears writing this but i know you are in a better place. You have thought me that there’s a road we all have to take someday and one shouldn’t be scared but be brave when the time comes. I will miss you,Ani will miss you,your whole family and friends will miss you,your colleagues will miss you, Jolivert will drastically miss you too, we can do nothing but stay strong. you are one of the few people who lookout for me and always check up on me despite our current distance. just last week you called me and after we finished talking I was sad you are the one to always reach out, little did I know I won’t have the opportunity to correct this.

Rest in peace my dearest Pas, till we meet again. I love you 💓. 

15 thoughts on “A Tribute to my beloved friend Elemeh Pascaline Fonji”

  1. I feel your pain… people come and go and it’s very sad to lose someone you love. God knows best, may her Rest In Peace.

  2. Annize Akwne che

    Sooooo touching?????? Indeed she’s in a better place , I pray the lord grants rest upon her spirit as she departs from us.
    To her friend and family mourning her departure I pray the lord comforts them in Jesus name, amen??.

    Nice tribute ☺️?❤️❤️. I love it

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