A Few Words

About Me

I am an experienced female Software Engineer currently living in Buea Silicon Mountain Cameroon  with three(3) years of working Experience in mobile and web development. I am extremely passionate about telling my story and how to cope as a female techie.

I have as primary objective to collaborate and share ideas with likeminded people so I can grow and in-turn share my knowledge especially with the underepresented group like my self especially on aspects of confidence and  growth both as women and techies. For this reason I am part of the Women Tech makers Buea community where our goal is to  encourage, strengthen, promote and  give visibility to women in tech around our environment, Buea-Cameroon and the world at large.

Being a consumer of mostly open source products such as the Linux Operating system, Tunderbird mail client, Firefox browser and what not, I am especially interested in contributing to opensource because I think if more developers don’t start contributing we might stop enjoying this wonderful products due to lack of  maintainance. For this reason I am a Contributor to the Mozilla Foundation. and I contribute to the Firefox Browser in particular. This is a list of some of my contributions: 





Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Software Engineering. 2016 – 2020 at the University of Buea-Cameroon. Baccalaureat Technique in Electrical Technology. 2015 at Government Technical High School Molyko,Buea-Cameroon. CAP industrial in Electrical technology. 2008-2012 at Government Technical college CETIC-Bova,Cameroon


An attestion for undergoing a six(6)  months hands on web technologies such as: JavaScript, Angular 10, Typescript,  HTML, CSS, Jquery, bootstrap, Agile ,Gitlab, pivotal Tracker  and concours. A 3 months professional Remote Internship trained on the following: React , React Native, Figma, Adobe XD and Jira.
Experience and Skills

Software Engineer

Go-Groups Ltd Molyko-Buea, Cameroon.

Bus Ticket Reservation System link : https://mygowaka.com School Management System. link: https://ubstudent.online/ job search and resume creation engine: still to be launched and released.

Remote Software Developer

Arrah Solutions.

Online Music Player link :https://ekoh.online/gallery/index

Personal Projects

AYEDA : https://github.com/tawahpeggy/AYEDA Twitter Sentiment Analysis: https://github.com/tawahpeggy/Twitter-Sentiment-Analysis.


Reading and Blogging

After reading about the things I love and attending events, I especially love talking about them in story form to enable people read about it too. I especially love to blog about things that affects the girl child directly or indirectly because most often than not, being shy of the things we go through are part of us.

Cooking and Eating.

As an African female child I am expected to be in the kitchen with my Mum cooking probably everyday, this had made me to not only grow to love it but also to love eating, and i especially love it because itskind of I and my mums bonding time.


I didn’t like to Code at first and its because it took me a while to begin understanding what coding really is, i am really begining to enjoy it a lot more as time passes by.

Sports(Lawn Tennis)

Growing up as having more weight than most of my pears made me do sports by force simply bc I want to cut down. but when I got to the university and joined the lawn tennis club, i started doing sports not because of peer presure but because i enjoy it, till date i still want to play it all day but not much time on my hands anymore.