Young, Dumb and Cute

All that glitters is truly not gold, at one of our women’s tech events, I met this brown chocolate youthful high-spirited handsome man, he immediately caught my attention, because his black shirt, trousers and white shoes made his muscled body, broad shoulders and white eyes look like nothing I had seen before.
I kept gazing at him from time to time but he seemed not to notice me in the slightest. After the event, I asked him to take some photos and send them to me. By what medium? he asked, on WhatsApp, I quickly responded. so I dialled my number on his phone and was pretty distressed when I went home as he only sent me the first picture at 8 am the next day with a GoodMorning❤️, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was blunt and straight with my response. Good morning, thanks for the pics.
Two days later, he texted me casually and we got talking. Soon enough, we had to meet at his studio which I prepared so hard for it,. And guess what, my face was shiner than my brain. I didn’t even take a lot of time to practice properly what I had to record but I did my makeup and carefully picked out my dress. I tried as much to follow his design style and hoped he will be intrigued.

The studio session went well, he did a great job on the editing. I was second in the competition we worked on, I gave him part of the money I received. That brought us closer and we began to talk on a daily. We even got the opportunity to plan our official first date which he baled out last minute, I think he was broke but couldn’t admit it, and he tried to make me come to his house instead which I refused because I was too attracted to him and it will be chaotic since I didn’t know him well yet.

It gets even more hilarious when I was a bit frustrated and began to gist my mum and siblings about him, only to find out he is my younger sister’s crush and I am at least 4 years older than him ????.I was initially suspicious but I dare not ask his age. I didn’t stop talking with him, I couldn’t. So I reduced how I posted my family because apparently, he knew every one of them.

onetime I was cooking and he pleaded he wanted to taste my food, so I took some to him by waiting at our junction and when he came and collected it, he asked if I wanted to see where he lives, I didn’t respond because I badly wanted to spend more time with him, but I couldn’t directly say that. He kind of wised it and asked me if we should take a taxi then he remembered he was broke and said it will be good if we just walk since it isn’t far. That sounded like a perfect plan as this will give me some leverage to spend time with him out of his house at least. We walked about a kilometer and still, we were not there yet ????. A little backward story, When we were at my junction, his younger brother came with him and at once said he knew me, but I refused and he insisted, he even spoke about my siblings. He didn’t know me per say but since we resemble each other in our family, he could quickly connect the dots . He finally got into a cap and left, then I asked his brother why he didn’t follow but he didn’t quite give a solid response, which made me happy as this meant he also wanted to spend some time with me.
Soon enough, we reached a junction where we had to branch and he said he was going to get something at the nearby store first. In my mind, he wanted to get something for me, but he came back empty-handed and said the queue was too long. I was like, okay????.
Then we entered the quarter a bit, and soon , we reached a big cite where we entered inside. His T-shirt was hanging by the barrister which he picked it up and a female neighbour shouted, come and say thank you,. He went and they stayed for a while, then as he was coming back, the girl and her friends burst into hard laughter, I am guessing one of them had a crush on him, which made me feel even special :).

we got to the house, some boys were speaking loudly in the room which made me scared and he probably noticed so he left the door widely open and soon, one of them came to the parlour and greeted me, and went back inside. He changed and put on something sexy, a sunshine shirt with first two buttons off .) . we washed a movie and discussed then soon enough I had to start leaving cause it was late and the environment was tense coupled with his friends in the room.

On my way out, I asked him to button up so I am not caught moving with a guy looking like that. He did and as we reached the junction, he said he forgot his identity card and had to head back home. We hugged for the first time and soon after that I was about crossing the road to pick a taxi when a young girl tapped me and asked where the guy I was moving with was. I said, I am sure he is at home, she said the guy took her momo, didn’t pay and disappeared from the store. I told her I do not know him very well but if I see him again, I will just inform him to come pay his bill since it could probably be a mistake, she said thanks and I left.
I have never told him about this incident but I slowly detached my from him and since then we have not been the same.
The story isn’t over yet but this is all for now, I will continue if something comes up. peace out.✌️

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