Some Things Better Left Unsaid

Silence is power

Growing up especially as a young person we sometimes get too emotional and exited that when things happen we tend to over speak, not knowing that there is a boundary to what comes out of the mouth and without that boundary, we could get into a serious mess. After always feeling guilty for speaking to much, i searched to see if my feelings were right and so i came up with a list of things i think shouldn’t be spoken about too often. Read and learn. They include:

1. Family Problems

Every Family has a problem. It is often said, “na zinc di cover house”. The more you talk about your family problems, the likely they are to get worst, It is very disrespectful to share such as it devalues you as a person. Problems in the house are best solved in the house. if you are feeling down about it, it’s okay to share with someone close to you as they may provide some support. But keep in mind that one person is sufficient.


Everyone believe’s in something, and it’s our believes that shape our life’s, But our believes are different from each other. Hence your individual preferences are yours alone. Don’t spend your precious time convincing someone to believe like you.


Don’t share your past relationship details with your current boyfriend.Never also tell your Ex about your current Lover.


Never share someone’s secret because the reason they told you is because they trust you and trust doesn’t always come easily. but can be lost within a blink of an eye.


Never share your bad habits, weaknesses or even what you do under the sheets because feeding people with such information will open you up to judgement and criticism. Keeping certain aspects of your life a mystery will make you come across so much classier and worthy of a lot more respect.


Never share information about your financial status. it’s not always wise to flaunt your wealth around if you don’t want to be the one been always borrowed from without the intention of paying back. And it’s best to keep your family wealth to yourself cause money can corrupt friends and relatives. Enjoy your wealth but don’t brag about it.


Your Talents are things you can share but if you have special talents, don’t talk about them too often. only talk about them when the right time comes. Action they say speaks louder than words.


There’s absolutely no need to talk about your good deeds. let God who sees in secret bless you for it. When you talk about the favors you’ve done for others you are been looked upon as a glory chaser.


Constantly digging up the past is not going to help. Your past experiences can define today, but don’t let them defile the moment so you can enjoy it. Forgive others in other to be peaceful, move on and let go.


one thing i have learnt in life is to always keep your goals to yourself cause when you speak too often about them you feel so excited and feel like you’ve already accomplished them, when they are all only in your head, and this weakens your will power to see these goals been accomplished.

Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying you should leave in isolation from the world but have certain boundaries that are not crossed because no matter how kind people are, they can be unpredictable sometimes. In case you have something to add to the list,please do that in the comment section.


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      I started blogging last year in 2020, but I wasn’t really consistent, so I took out some time to learn some more and picked up again in December 2021, more consistently.
      I really appreciate your comments. thanks a lot.

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