Motivation VS Discipline


Today is Monday, and last week, I had a couple of experiences I will like to talk about, 

There’s this guy who I interviewed for a job position and I believe he was highly motivated as he came in through recommendation and after speaking with him, I had to have him on my team. 

But after the first two days, I think motivation had set out and now it time to be disciplined and do the job but in my opinion, he failed whoafully. There’s still time to catch up though. I wont propagate for he’s release since he is on probation, but I am highly disappointed.

Two days ago I had this date which I was so interested in and I planned before hand and got everything sorted out. luckily for me, I was stood up 30mins to the meeting time, I received that they will not be able to make it, I was pissed but there’s really nothing I could have done. 

Since I was looking pretty sharp, I didn’t want to waste the look so I set out to a photo studio to do a shoot and this said studio had done a lot of advertisement and the news is everywhere, as I got there the service was a mess. complains, time waisted and literally few people available for the job. the day became worst for me. 

I came home and exhausted and I went on twitter to browse, I came across this awesome advert about hactober fest 2022, which sa

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