Do Not Give Up

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Once you don’t give up, you will definitely get the results you want someday.

When you stop dreaming, you stop living because you sit and wait for whatever wants to come to you to come.

It’s ok to feel defeated but, it’s not allowed to get defeated.

Not giving up makes you stronger because each time you go through something, you will never be the same no matter what.

Remember you’re not just an inspiration to your younger ones, but a blueprint for them to follow, and your entire generation depends on you, and the fact that you held your grounds.

Life is difficult for everybody in some way. And everyone has something they are dealing with, which is quite challenging, so don’t let yours get to your head.

‘Fake it till you make it  ‘peggy ‘ fake it, till you make it ‘. Any time you feel defeated, sit down, be realistic about the reasons for the defeat, re-strategize and try again even if it means starting all over. Remember to fake it till you make it.

These are some things I say to myself and try as much as possible to remember through my journey of life when things get tough, especially in my IT career as it gets so draining sometimes that I wish I was a housewife instead, hahaha!!. As if it’s easier doing house chores.

How do you deal with stress, and how do you re-motivate yourself after a failed project or a downtime. Please let me know in the comments section. I’m really excited to hear from you ✌✌.

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  1. Indeed we have to keep moving especially when we feel defeated. Success is indeed an assurance when we don’t give up.

  2. Whenever I want to give up, I always think of the reason why I started and that keeps me going. Thank you for this.

  3. Can I simply say what a comfort to find someone that actually understands what theyre discussing on the net. You actually realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people really need to read this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that youre not more popular since you definitely possess the gift.

  4. When I am down or when I feel like giving up, I reflect on my goals, what I want to achieve and it motivates me because I know I won’t be able to achieve that which I desire by giving up.

  5. “Not giving up makes you stronger” This phrase especially is what I have experienced in my life because when I feel like giving up but then continue working, I realized that I became even stronger. I noticed that I learned so many things which I did not know and if I had given up, I wouldn’t have been able to know these things.

  6. When at my worst moment and when I feel like giving up, I think of my peers who have fought and made it through with hard work. I say to myself “I am not different from them, I can do it” and that keeps me going. Thank you for this

  7. When I feel like giving up, I always look back at the reason why I started the journey and then redefine my goals.

  8. I need to thank you for this great read!! I certainly loved every bit of it. I have got you bookmarked to look at new things you post.

  9. Great write up leader. Your article has just reminded me of the lone-wolf spirit.

    One thing I believe about life is that your mindset is everything and it determines how far you go in life. Your Mindset helps you to interpret situations and circumstances differently from others especially when you have the right mindset. In as much as life becomes challenging, if you have the right mindset gearing toward growth and seeing life as a process then your pain will never stop you from doing what you are passionate about.

    The lone wolf spirit defines a situation whereby you are ready to walk on a path alone even when nobody is ready to walk with you in as much as you know what you want and where you are headed. Walking alone is not easy as such. It at times comes with rejection, criticism and even some of your close friends and relatives will leave you. That’s why you can’t walk on this path without building stamina. You must become invincible (indestructible) in such a way that no amount of criticism, discouragement, challenge or neglect will make you give up.

    Such stamina is built only when you have an inner drive that pushes you forward. I once discovered that the reason why a good number of persons don’t get to their destination or actualize their goal, vision or dreams is because they solely depend on external motivation. So in the case where people can’t motivate them, they easily give up.

    However, that’s not the spirit of a true winner. A true winner has an inner motivation (inner drive) which is far greater than the external motivation he gets from people. It comes a time in life where you have to clap for yourself even when no one claps for you. You must learn to motivate yourself and stay focus on what you want and believe in. You must have a strong conviction about yourself or about what you do and keep doing it. When no one believes in you, you have to believe in yourself. I so much believe in my self and so people’s negative words don’t get to my head.

    One thing which also keeps me going even when the journey gets tough is the believe that life generally is not easy and to win you must fight or work hard and smart. I believe life is a process characterized with a mixture of sorrow and happiness, complexity, toughness etc. I understand the journey is (or will be) tough and it takes only the tough to get going, as such I’m tough and I must get going. The consciousness of these things makes me to keep going even when it becomes difficult. I believe that the process is of course difficult and but the harvest is sweet. As such I allow myself to go through the process without seeing negativity in it.

    If there’s also one great thing I do is to protect my mind. I protect my mind by staying away from negative energy which comes from negative people. Whether you like it or not, negative energy is contagious. When you keep listening to negativity it will contaminate you and you will feel discourage and give up on your dreams. The best thing I do to protect my mind is to surround myself with the right people and read books or get access to resources/material that will improve my mind. An improved mind will never get tired of searching for results and it will probably win.

    To summarize, my conviction is that “quiters never win and winners never quit”. Keep doing it until you get the result. You will fail but you don’t allow it to get to your head because failing doesn’t make you a failure. You only become a failure when you give up.

    Once more, your article is potent. I enjoyed reading through.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s the new trend girl, you see yourself there, you act on it and you work till you achieve it, even if it means starting in a new direction with consistency and courage. I am happy you found this hepful.

  10. I personally, have a lot of challenges in my personal life especially with my health and it really makes my progress to be slow and sometimes stagnant. But with all these, I never give up and never allow myself to stay stagnant for long. The people around me, including mates and people I encounter in my journey most of the time don’t understand me if I try to explain what I’m going through. So I made up my mind to stop explaining myself and just keep pushing forward and trying as hard as I can. Even though I go through a lot of stress and get discouraged most of the time, I always tell myself that slow progress is still progress. But I fight hard against staying still at one point and I make sure I move ahead even if it is at the lowest rate I can imagine. The worst of problems is when it involves your health because it is something you cannot control on your own. I face a lot of mental health issues but with the medical assistance I get, I try to push through it and I never forget that no matter how slow I move, I will one day get where I want to be. Everybody is going through something in their life but you always have to remember to push forward and never give up.

    1. After going through your comment, I feel like crying Deray, Health issues are the worst of all. A lot of people can relate to this and coping as a software engineer with all its demands is somewhat more difficult with the slightest health issue, I can only imagine your pain. keep doing what you are doing Engineer. I advise you to get someone you can relate to and conveniently share your problems and progress with, one person is enough, no need to tell everyone, but tell someone, slow progress is still progress, consistency is key?? . Thanks for sharing

  11. “Its Ok To Feel Defeated But Its Not Allowed To Get Defeated.” indubitably the core of this writing in my sense, is a harsh but necessary truth that we all need to accept in order to make essential progress in our lives.Good, write-up.

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