How to look Bougie and Rich(Even if you are broke)

Looking boujie and rich starts from within, so cultivating the rich and bougie mindset is of the essence. You can look boujie even with a very simple budget. Putting conscious effort into your everyday look does the magic. These simple things will change your life.

Always have your hair and nails done.

If you can afford fancy hair and nails regularly, go for it gurl, but note that there are a whole lot of very affordable and good looking hairstyles. Do plain nails, you can have artificial or nail extensions if you want but NEVER walk around with chipped nail polish.

 Wear neutral colours, not flourish.

 wear colours such as white, cream, Brown etc. neutral colours make one look elegant and boujie. wearing flowerish dresses with too many colours makes one look childish and unserious.

Accessorise on every occasion.

There’s power in accessorising, you can change a look from simple to outstanding, just with rings and chains. find out the type of jewellery that goes well with your skin tone either silver or gold, It’s better to wear simple but expensive accessories than be covered in cheap ones.

Smell good at all times.

Everybody has a smell, so never leave your home without wearing at least deodorant, spray or perfume. The difference between cheap and expensive perfume is in the time they take to last on you, if you cannot afford an expensive one, spray the cheap ones a bit more often. it’s important to note that, your body chemistry doesn’t move with every product, so keep experimenting till you find the perfect one. both in scent, comfort and  budget. 

Always have an upright posture. 

 Confidence is key to looking boujie. Remember you do not need to be confident to look confident. Have your chin up always do eye contact, Fake it till you make it.

Keep it Simple but never Basic

Put energy into every outfit. Let your look always tell that you put in the effort to looking good.

Wear your size at all times. 

Keep a balance. know what suits your body type and size. Never wear an undersized dress.The goal is to look timeless. Oversized dresses are great, the little extra does magic. If a trend does not suit your body type,don’t sweat it gurl,go for what does.looking flawless is the goal.

Do clean makeup if you must.

 if you have to do makeup, it should be clean, do not mix multiple colours such as blue, red, green etc. Nude makeup is  best for a boujie look.
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  1. I need to thank you for this great read!! I certainly loved every bit of it. I have got you book-marked to look at new things you post.

  2. Holala! Good points. Looks are not everything but they play a great role in building your self-confidence. It’s important to spend some time to look good. Great read 🙂

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