Six tips to help you buy cheaper.

The continuous increase in prices is a dilemma to almost every household. Unfortunately our basic necessities always have to be met no matter the price tags we meet in the market. It is therefore left to us to figure out how we can eat without rendering our account penniless. Here are a few tips you might want to take into consideration when you walk into the market.

1. Show you know what you are buying

The worst thing you can do is given the vendor the impression that you do not know what you intend to buy. It is really helpful if you can do some research about a product before getting into the market. When bargaining you could even give the vendor the impression that you had used that product before. That way they know you know exactly what you are buying and the price.

2. Show little interest.

When you pick up a commodity don’t give the seller the impression that it is something you have been searching for even if that is the case. You could pick up the product, drop it then pick up something else. The seller doesn’t have to know you came specifically for that item. She might use you need as an advantage to over price you

3. Ask for substitutes.

Most times you might be holding exactly what you want in your hand but the seller doesn’t have to know that. You could ask for the same product in another color. Ask for another vision of that product. If the seller doesn’t have it you might use that to your advantage. Knowing that’s not exactly what you had desired might just be your easy bus to buying for the best possible price.

4. Criticize a little

We have to be mindful not to over step our boundaries when doing this though. We could search for one or two flaws from the product to criticize it. This goes a long way to help. At least the seller knows you are aware of the disadvantages of purchasing that product hence they do not over price you.

5. Show you can be choice flexible

It’s understandable we most times want to go to the market with children so they can make their choices for certain kinds of products. You might want to consider making them understand that while at the market they are allowed to choose but should stand aside and not appear desperate while you buy. Vendors take advantage when they notice a child is stern on receiving just a particular item.

6. Be time and period cautious

Certain commodities skyrocket at certain periods of the year. It’s reasonable to purchase exercise books and bags at the closing of a school year since it is not high in demand hence lower prices. You might also want to consider doing your Christmas shopping earlier than everyone else. The last days of the market are most hectic because even the vendor knows you will have to buy no matter what. You really don’t want to give him the upper hand.

Please do well to share your experiences buying in the market using similar tips in the comment section. Your testimony might be an encouragement to someone. Do well to give us feedback after trying these tips.

6 thoughts on “Six tips to help you buy cheaper.”

  1. Wow wow wow!!!! The article is outstanding, most vendors are really using this crucial and rapid increase to kill some of us. Especially us the men… but with this I will stand tall in market places. Thanks

  2. I read through this without even noticing time pass. Some really good advice here, I find that I make these mistakes very often, and so this is super helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

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