Indoor date activities on rainy days

This is the rainy season and going out on dates might be a bit difficult because of the uncertain weather. 😕 Below are a list of some indoor date activities which might be a great way to help relieve you of that stress. They will work the magic for you.  

Have dinner together🍾

You could consider having dinner at home together. Prepare your partner’s favorite dish, lit up candles with a bottle of red wine and red roses, and play that cherished romantic song of you two to spice up the moment. 😋 Talk about yourselves, have fun together under the rain’s calm, showering sound.  

Play games🎮

You could consider playing games like truth or dare, ask those funny questions to each other. Board and card games will not be a bad idea either.  

Watch movies🍿

Take turns in watching each other’s favorite movie. Get a cartoon of popcorn each, get comfortable in your partner’s arms and enjoy the moment together. 😉


Get on with reading romantic novels with your partner, take turns in reading for each other, emphasize those thrilling and romantic parts in the novels, and read them with passion😉. You could equally recall a similar moment you both had from a scene in the novel, talk about it, and laugh together.  

Do karaoke🎤

This too could be good. Choose a piece of music that expresses your feelings and emotions for each other; compete with your partner to see who gets the highest score. This is a better way of letting your emotions speak out to each other.   

Stroll down memory lane🙃

With the rhythmic quiet and calm sound of rain, looking at those pictures of you two together, watching past videos, talking about your beautiful moments, and past experiences, laughing, and playing with your partner would be a beautiful way to make that bond grow stronger.  

Get crafty

Bring out the paints, cardboard, and drawing pencils. Start drawing, and painting, and make it a competition. It could be a drawing of you two or any other preferred drawing. Make jokes while you get crafty.


Cuddling would be one of the best things to do during this time. Hold close to each other warm each other up, get affectionate, and let the emotions flow.  

Jot down bucket list📝

Jot down each other’s bucket list, see what your partner dreams of doing and help make it a reality.  

Cook together (bake)🍪

This could equally get better by you cooking together. Bake your favorite pastries, eat, have fun while you cook, and enjoy together.   

These ideas could be a better way for you to bond with your partner and keep that flame burning, hope they go a long way to help you achieve your goal.  


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