It wasn’t easy for me when my boy friend left me. I felt horrible and was at the verge of giving up on life. But then i had a second thought and decided to find a new meaning to my life by reading books and watching videos. ever since then, I have been even better than before we met. And so I am here to share the tips and secretes on how to get over a breakup, a crush that never notices you or a divorce.

so lets get started


from friends to enemies is the way foward.

1. The first point on the list is going to be to “Block him”.

Girl i know you will want to always checkup on him and get to see the pictures he is liking and hes comments on social media, or if he has posted a new girlfriend, or even how he is doing and so on.But trust me you don’t need that information cause it will only stress you. In other to do this you need a lot of self control and discipline, because its the easiest way you could use to forget about him.

2. Focus on your self.

A lot of people will say you should look towards getting a new relationship when you breakup so you can quickly forget, but i think you should use this time to focus on your self, do the things you could not do because you were busy worrying about him. Get a girls time out, go clubbing if you want to,read books and level your self up, do exercises, take pictures of your self and experience you loving your self, cause girl if the love for your self isn’t right, then no other relationship will survive.

3. Understand it was a win win for you

let me get this straight, a guy comes into your life to level you up to 110% cause without him you are 100% fine so when hes 10% is no more, you will still be good and kicking. know you are the gift and he is just the little excesory or ribon added to the gift. know your worth. its always a win when a guy leaves you cause I can promise you your life is gonna get better for sure. imagine this, my boy friend was a very bad listener, so anytime I start a conversation about something bothering me, he literally changes the subject,.Now that we are no longer together i have learnt that if at all i want to ever have a new boyfriend I should be on the look out for someone who can help me release my burden by listening. Also if I was the one at fault and caused our breakup. OK I caught him in bed with another girl and so I left him without  giving the opportunity to explain, now I have learnt to always give people that chance cause you might never know what happened.

4. one thing that will change and help you leave the pitiful state of a breakup is to be strong,get busy and let go of your memories together cause they wont do you any good. try and accept that its over and most importantly, let people go, don’t try to porcess people cause believe people cant be poccessed cause when they aren’t benefiting anything from you anymore , know they will leave you.

5 Don’t ignore signs

one time I was in his roomwhen I heard a knock at the door and he rushed out from the bathroom to get it, i was like whaaaat!!!! then when he came back i asked who was at the door, he said “a guy who missed a door” I could swear I heared a lady’s voice but he referred to her as he. i didn’t take that seriously until i met a naked girl on his bed.

6 Also try finding out from within why it’s so difficult to let go and practice giving that thing to your self.

my boyfriend was so intelligent and he thought me a lot of stuffs also he was really kind and bought me many gifts, he cared a lot and called me three times a day and we faced time each day. girl i just learnt i can get all this things from other places. The internet is available for me to study whatever i feel i need to know, I could work hard, get a decent job and get all the cloths, shoes , the makeup and everything else i could basically need.Also my family especially my lovely mum calls me on regular basis and we face time when ever.

please don’t get me wrong, love is the most beautiful feeling and most romantic moment ever and am not saying you get same satisfaction from your mum as your boyfriend but believe me you could heal much faster and easier by doing all this so you don’t get to make your next relationship a hell of a home

I will like to end with this quote from better life which says :

I hope this post helps you out cause I can’t bare to see you go through all this pain when you have a lot to do to improve on your self.

13 thoughts on “GETTING OVER THE BOYS”

    1. It is so difficult to let go sometimes because one party loved the other with the authentic definition of love while he other’s love might have been just a superficial one. When you truly love you cannot breakup without breaking down! There’s a wound difficult to heal that leaves a scab of a scar…

  1. Nice insides. Just to add, doing anything that increase your self worth is the way to go. Self worth brings about self love and when you love yourself, it will be easier for you to get over anyone. If you were the reason the relationship ended, you will be able to identify that and do better the next time. If you weren’t, then you will know that you are better off without the person who you were with before.

  2. Hello Peggy,

    I like your writeup. It is a very good initiative. Congrats girl.
    A little proposal : “let’s say” Pls avoid using this phrase when discribing ur story. Just say it dirrectly.

  3. Believing in yourself and feeling complete or fulfilled without anyone is one of the best gift you can offer yourself. This is referred to as the act of singleness.

    The beginning of failure in any relationship is when one things the other person gives you completeness or makes you fulfilled. Love is a choice.

    You made the right decision to let go of the past, not fixate on it and move on with your life. The guy wasn’t meant for you.

    Kudos. I love the design of your blog.

    1. hello Kaesey, since we are all human beings it should be vice versa in normal sense, Am not guarantying you that though.i’ll check to see if there are more efficient tactics for boys.

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