Best Places To Meet Men.


Finding a partner is what most women find very difficult these days. Women are quite busy and finding the time to invest in this part of their lifes have become a struggle. Its dificult but not impossible. Been in the right place at the right time might trigger something great between you and your dream man. Here are a couple of places where men visit alot.

1.      The gym.

Most men love exercising… going to the gym will be a good thing to do. You will get to meet cute sexy body-built chiseled chest men😉. Go there and register for a gym session, exercise yourself (It’s a good practice though) .it would not be a bad idea. You might find him there.

2. Public Events.

Consider attending birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and what not.If your schedule permits, then please do not miss it. Honours those invititations, look good and go out while enjoying your self, you might just find the lucky one.

3.      Barbing saloon

Barbing saloons are places where both men and women go to cut/shave their hair. You might consider loving low cut😉. Go there and cut your hair, socialize… talk to one or two and from there you’ll both get to exchange contacts and then start vibing. If you do not like to cut your hair, you can make friends with the barbers around.

4.      Stop being a homebody.

How do you expect to find a man when you stay home all day? A man will not come and look for you or meet you in your house. Try your best not to be a homebody. Dress up, look good and go out even for a stroll.🤔 Who knows you might find that particular person on the street. Leave your house… I repeat leave your house.

5.      Restaurants, snack bars, shopping malls.

Consider joining your friends for outings. Go out with them, get out of your house, go to where people can see you, you might not always have all the time, but make use of what you have,who knows?

6.      Live a little.

Life is not all about work; quit being a workaholic😒 you also need to chill. Hang out with your friends on weekends, go to the beach, for vacations, clubbing (if you love clubbing), for site seeing. He might just be there waiting for you.

7.      Church.

I know this sounds off and you may not even be a religious somebody but you may consider going to church.😏 Just look good and go to church. Sit somewhere visible so they can see you.You might meet a church brother who is equally looking for a church sister. You two can exchange contact and from there you start vibing. Besides going to church is an important thing to do, you need to build that relationship with your creator.🙏

8.     Dating Sites.

Though many people find fault with this, how will you meet that one when you don’t go out?😶 The world has advanced so much in technology. For those that do not have time or who cannot leave their houses, this is for you. You can consider creating an account on some dating sites or applications like Hinge, bumble, and ourTime… Do your research and find out which is suitable for you, socialize and maybe you’ll end up meeting the right one.

 It is not a guarantee that the men you find will be suitable for you, but In all,the advice here, is for you to live a little and move, because that gentleman you seek, wont meet you there.😑 Socialize, don’t be an introvert, learn to make interesting conversations, I hope these tips go a long way to helping you find that special person.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Number three is funny though?. Can’t cut my hair for nothing. I have been going to church since I was born. Everyman in my church is taken already. Would you suggest I look for a new church too? If I had my way I’ll take number 1 very seriously

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