9 ways to be intimate with your partner


Intimacy is one thing most people find difficult to have in their relationship and a lack of this can cause your relationship to be boring, kill the love and even bring problems in your relationship. Being intimate with your partner makes the relationship interesting and strengthens the bond. Wondering how to create that intimacy with your partner? We got you covered. Below are some ways to help you with that:

1.      Profess💕

Always remind your partner how much you love them, and how much you cherish them as often as possible but of course, let it be genuine and just enough. By so doing, you make them always know that they have someone who loves them genuinely and unconditionally.

2.      Hold hands in public👫

Holding your partner’s hands in public gives a sense of trust, love, and confidence… always hold your partner’s hands in public… it goes a long way to show the trust you have for each other and a reminder that you are proud to have each other as partners.

3.      Welcome hug🫂

Always give your partner a welcome hug when he/she is back from work. Make them feel welcomed always… it will help them feel relaxed and happy.

4.      kisses play the trick💋

Morning and goodnight kisses are always beautiful and cherishing. Give your partner a morning kiss whenever you wake up in the morning and a goodnight kiss before going to bed. It will help to smarten and brighten up their day. It’s a beautiful practice.

5.      Regular Checkings

Make it a habit to always check up on your partner, especially during the day. No matter how busy you might be, just a hi or hello message will be good. Check up on them to know how they are doing and how their day is going at work…, it’ll show how caring you are and make them feel special knowing that you can spare time out of your busy schedule to know about their wellbeing. There is a saying that goes “Nobody is too busy to check up on you, if they care about you, they’ll make out time for you”. Let your partner know you care.

6.     Make time⏲️

Always be ready to create time for your partner especially when he/she needs company. Well, that’s if you are not occupied but also you can still sacrifice and make out time for your partner so they’ll feel happy and know that they are valued. If your partner wants to go out and then asks you to accompany him/her, you should agree to it, provided you have nothing doing. It’ll go a long way to strengthen your bond and make you both intimate.

7.      Communicate

Try making it a habit to chit-chat with your partner, make it fun, talk to each other, make out time to chat with your partner, and tell stories to each other.. your partner should be more like your best friend.

8.      Aiding

Practice doing common things for your partner. Assist them in doing one or two things without them even demanding for your help. For example serve them food, assisting them in doing one or two things. It’ll make your partner to be pleased and glad to know he/she has someone like you as a partner.

9. Good Bye Kisses.

  Give your partner a goodbye kiss before leaving the house, It’s good practice.

Do your best to always put in efforts to be intimate with your partner. It’s a good feeling when you know you have fulfilled your part in making the relationship work. I wish you the best and  hope these points will help grow that intimacy between you and your partner.

5 thoughts on “9 ways to be intimate with your partner”

  1. African men are notorious for not Liking public displays of affection. I wonder if playing the field has something to do with it? Well I know culturally I never saw my father kiss my mother but they were together till his UN-timely death in 2008. I, on the other hand, read Harlequin novels from the tender age of 10 and was polluted very early to think like the white man. I therefore require a man to hold hands open the door draw my chair etc. But strictly speaking that is a very Western culture. Today I have evolved and require the man to show his love with Momo or OM!?

    1. It’s not a lie, our parents display of affection is not very visible, but some how they manage to stay together for a long time. This days we need morethan that to harness relationships. Momo isn’t a bad idea, It works quite well?

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